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CBC-Vecos® Single-Use Tourniquet


  • Soft fleece material feels warm, pleasant and velvety on the skin surface. Avoids hair catching.
  • The width of the strap fleece of 30mm almost remains the same when the ribbon is tightened, width is reduced to about 25mm as maximum. The irritating constricting or bruising of the skin which occurs with rubber straps due to the strong reduction (less than 20mm) is successfully prevented.
  • The strap width of 35mm is especially suitable for bariatric patients. With a strap length of 65cm, it offers even more patient comfort.
  • The elastic strap creates the defined compression force of about 20mmHg for veins to prevent compression being too strong or too weak. If compression is too weak, venous filling will not be sufficient so that the vein is not enlarged making puncture harder. There is the increased risk of posterior wall puncture.
  • The micro-velcroed strip attaches securely to any part of the strap, allowing for an easy and safe closing and simple opening.Increasing compression and slow decompression is possible at any time.
  • Medical staff can apply the tourniquet very easily and quickly– without extra training.
  • Application is intuitive
  • Each individual CBC-Vecos® is rolled up and can safely be applied repeatedly on the same patient without loss in quality.
  • When a tourniquet is rolled out, you will immediately know that it has already been used.This system prevents cross-contamination.
  • Visible signs of use are clearly detectable even after single use.
  • One side of the tourniquet is white without print. This white side is placed on the patient.
  • The used material is latex free, silicone free, and DEHP free, so that the tourniquet can be used with patients who are allergic to these substances.
  • Its advantageous weight of only about 2.5 grams per piece makes it favourable for use in the army, rescue services, paramedics, etc.
  • The heat and humidity in tropical countries does not impair shelf life.
  • Made in Germany. Produced according to EN ISO 13485.2012+AC:2012. CE certified.
  • Practical dispenser box for easy removal of the CBC-Vecos® single-use tourniquet
  • More financial advantages: No reconditioning costs for cleaning and sterilisation
  • No additional costs caused by allergies against latex, silicone or DEHP


Ordering Information

CBC-Vecos® Tourniquet Blackberry 30mm Latex Free
Strap : 30mm wide, 500mm long

Product Code / Description
K521001B125 CBC-Vecos® Tourniquet Blackberry 30mm 1PC (Single)
K521001V125-D CBC-Vecos® Tourniquet 30mm Dispenser Box (Box 125)
K521001B125-PB CBC-Vecos® Tourniquet 30mm Polybag (Bag 125)

Bariatric Patients
CBC-Vecos® Tourniquet Blackberry 35mm Latex Free
Strap : 35mm wide, 500mm long

Product Code / Description
K521002B100 CBC-Vecos® Tourniquet Blackberry 35mm 1PC (Single)
K521002V100-D CBC-Vecos® Tourniquet 35mm Dispenser Box (Box 100)
K521002B100-PB CBC-Vecos® Tourniquet 35mm Polybag (Bag 100)

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